Car Wash Soaps, Chemicals, and Solutions

Florida Car Wash Equipment distributor BlueMar Car Wash Service carries a complete line of car wash chemicals for automatic car wash equipment including soft-touch, friction, touchless, touchfree, and combination automatics.

In addition, we also carry an extensive line of car wash soaps for conveyor, tunnel, full service, & self service car washes in Florida.

We can also supply some soaps in power form for more economical shipping and equipment room space efficiency. Use a tank mixer on site. Avoid the cost of shipping heavy fluids.

Turtle Wax Car Wash Soaps

Florida Turtle Wax distributor BlueMar Car Wash Service features a complete line of Turtle Wax products for automatic and conveyor car washes including soft-touch, friction, full service, tunnel, touchless, touchfree, and combination automatics and roll-overs.

florida car wash soaps soft touch
florida car wash soaps soft touch
florida car wash soaps soft touch

AUTEC Soft-Touch Soaps

The following car wash soaps are specifically designed for AUTEC Car Wash Systems and formulated and mixed by an in-house chemist.

car wash soap pumping station

Automatic Car Wash Equipment Chemicals

  • Foaming and Non-Foaming Soap
  • Tire and Wheel Cleaner
  • Wheel Brite
  • Clearcoat Protectant
  • Wax
  • Rinse Agent / Drying Agent
  • Bug Buster
  • Pre-soak High PH
  • Pre-soak Low PH
  • AUTECShield Water Repellant Glass Treatment

Self Service Car Wash Equipment Chemicals

  • Soap
  • Triple Foam
  • Foaming Brush
  • Lemon Wax
  • Neon Tire & Engine Cleaner
  • Pre-soak
florida car wash chemicals

Professional Detail Chemicals

  • Soap
  • Carpet Cleaner
  • Spoke & Wire Wheel Cleaner
  • Leather Conditioner
  • Vinyl Conditioner
  • Trim Guard
  • Fabric Protector
  • Tire Dressing
  • All Purpose Cleaner
  • Citra-Clean
  • WIndshield Washer Solvent
  • Glass Cleaner
  • Aerosol Glass Cleaner
  • Citra Solv
  • FloorTec Degreaser
  • Truck Wash
  • Fragrances - New Car, Fresh N Clean, Mint, Citrus, Baby Powder
  • Transit Coat Remover

Automotive Finish

  • De Coz Paint Prep
  • Super Solve Paint Prep
  • Pur Body Solvent
  • One Step
  • Buffing Compound
  • Cleaner Wax
  • Quick Prep
  • Exterior Paint Sealant
  • Sealant Renewer
  • Paint Sealant with Teflon
  • Carnauba Cream Wax
  • Black Gold Sound & Shield Undercoat Rust Preventative
  • Corrosion Preventative