Florida Car Wash Building

Florida Car Wash Equipment distributor BlueMar CWS is a leading supplier of AUTEC car wash buildings for Florida including AUTEC glass buildings and the AUTEC InBay Express Tunnel buildings.

These attractive, quality, highly-finished, long-lasting structures can comply with most building codes. Standard building designs can include glass from the bumper to the ground. The AUTEC Model 222 building features a hip roof design and stepped bumper fascia to allow custom graphics, signage, or neon highlights.

Eye catching car wash buildings draw customers to your site. The high wash quality keeps customers coming back. We are happy to show you existing sites where you can observe the success that others have with the AUTEC InBay Express car wash business model.

For a Florida car wash building operation that provides returns, contact us to learn more.

Car Wash Building Photos

car wash glass building branded fascia

Branded Fascia

dual bay car wash building

Dual Bay

Florida car wash building night

Nighttime Image - Florida

Florida car wash building day

Daytime Image - Florida

car wash building blue awning to match glass building color

Custom Awning

car wash building no glass

Building without glass - open sides for climates that do not freeze

Florida car wash building yellow

Car Wash Building Model

car wash building florida red

Car Wash Building Model

car wash building florida yellow

Car Wash Building Model

Contact Florida Car Wash Equipment distributor BlueMar CWS for more information about how to add an AUTEC car wash building to your project in Florida. Our building experts will help you configure the right building length and options.

Advantages of Glass Car Wash Buildings

Enhanced Curb Appeal

Glass car wash buildings are a great way to increase your car wash business’ curb appeal! The glass car wash is a structure that attracts visitors to your car wash while providing you with a low maintenance building. When you build a car wash building combined with great lighting, you get great street presence. Your car wash business gets noticed! With lighting and glass, customers will see that your car wash is open, even at night.

How to Get Started With Building a Glass Car Wash Structure

Florida Car Wash Equipment and Service can build car wash glass buildings quickly so you can begin to make money quickly. Glass car wash buildings will help you create a business that is great for passive income. These clear glass structures are even mobile, so if you ever decide to move your business, you won’t need to replace the car wash buildings.

Regardless of the type of glass car wash structure that you chose when building your business, the experts at AV Car Wash will help you with a car wash design guaranteed to last. Although our buildings are made of glass, the structures are constructed with the highest standards in the car wash building industry. Our glass car wash systems are of the highest quality and extremely dependable. We build car wash buildings to last!

Custom Built Glass Car Wash Buildings

As with all of our structures, we always build our car wash glass buildings according to your business needs. Choose the custom car wash size you require; we are happy to custom build your glass car wash building to your length and width specifications!

When we build a car wash building, we customize to suit your individual needs. We offer 80 different colors for the aluminum structure and provide optional additions such as retractable roofs, equipment rooms, and knee wall upgrades. We can also build with a retractable roof that will vend the building and keep your building looking beautiful!

A glass car wash building provides great visibility for your entire operation! Whether on a sunny day or at night with ample lighting, our glass car wash buildings are sure to attract visitors instantly. Build car wash designs that are appealing and they will come!

Upgrade Your Glass Car Wash Buildings

Would you like an equipment room for your car wash structure? How about a door for personnel? Are you interested in including self service car wash structures? Florida Car Wash Equipment and Service promises to listen to your business needs. We also build automatic car washes buildings (touch-less washes), self service car wash buildings (hand washing), vacuum bays and offer knee wall upgrades.

Start Your Own Business Today

If you seek to be your own boss and run your own business, then contact the car wash experts today. Our team will help you find the structure and accessories that meets your needs so you can start your new car wash business as soon as possible.