Unitec Car Wash Entry Systems, DRB Pay Stations

Florida Car Wash Equipment distributes Unitec entry system, Unitech car wash pay stations, and DRB Pay Stations. We handle sales and service for DRB Systems Unitec models for retail car wash locations, auto dealers, gas stations, fuel locations, and convenience stores (c-stores).

Unitec car wash pay stations are cutting-edge systems designed to streamline the payment process at car wash facilities. Unitec's Florida car wash locations appreciate the efficiency and reliability these stations offer. Unitec's lineup includes several models, each tailored to meet specific needs as described below.

Unitec Portal TI+

florida DRB pay stations

Retail Entry System

florida car wash equipment pay station Portal

Unitec C-Start

Unitech car wash pay station

Cashless Entry System

Unitec entry system car wash c-start

Unitec EZ Trak

florida car wash unitec entry systems equipment

Auto Dealer Entry System

florida car wash equipment pay stations coin box EZ Trak